While our new site is being built, we’ve established a temporary site to better serve our community as we learn to navigate and adjust during these opportunity-rich times.

Welcome to Na'aleh: The Hub for Leadership Learning, where we inspire and develop professional and lay leadership with the ambition, ability, and authenticity to lead the greater Baltimore Jewish community, and we work with our communal organizations to become places where leadership thrives.

Leadership Resources

Specially curated resource library for
these opportunity-rich times.

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We believe that anyone, anytime, and anywhere can take on leadership.  Any person, regardless of role or position, can see a challenge or an opportunity, and then inspire others to work together wisely toward a desired change.

We inspire and develop leaders through nurturing their compassion, encouraging their curiosity, strengthening their courage, fostering their gratitude, deepening their humility, sustaining their integrity, and building shared wisdom. 

We give leaders access to new insights and innovative ways of thinking.

We help leaders to learn from their experience and from one another.  

Na’aleh means “we will rise”
it speaks to our shared aspiration that we will all rise together as one to ensure the continued vitality and vibrancy of the greater Baltimore Jewish community.