Who We Are

We are the hub for catalyzing a community of leaders rising together.

We believe in the power of professionals and volunteers working together to build vibrant and vital community. We know you do too!

Let’s imagine together a community that is:

  • Welcoming, inclusive, and safe.
  • Trusting and respectful.
  • Responsive to members’ needs.
  • Forward thinking and innovative.
  • Concerned with the vitality of the larger communities of which it is a part.
  • Committed to building a just and healthy world.
  • Aspirational and optimistic about the future.

Making this vision a reality requires that we address the complex “adaptive” challenges before us, from housing to hunger, from anti-semitism to racial equity and inclusion, from political division to climate collapse.  What all these challenges have in common is that we don’t have known and easy solutions at our fingertips.  We need to work with and learn from others who are different than ourselves.  We need to adapt our own perspectives and behaviors.  We need to learn to lead collaboratively and creatively. 

Whether you are a professional or volunteer in the greater Baltimore Jewish community, Na’aleh is here to help you learn to lead with ambition, ability, and authenticity.  Discover the seven Core Practices of Jewish Adaptive Leadership.

Meet The People That Make Us Who We Are

Successful organizations are driven by talented people sharing a common purpose. Our professional team and lay leadership weave their various skills, diverse experiences, and wisdom together to fulfill our mission with creative excellence.

“It’s all about relationship building and connection. We are identifying young lay leaders, providing them with tools and skills to be great lay leaders at our various agencies.”

Mike Fuld, Community Leader
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