Who We Are

We are the hub for catalyzing a community of leaders rising together.

WE ENVISION a community that is: welcoming, inclusive, and safe for all its members; trusting and respectful; responsive to the needs of the individuals in its midst; forward thinking and innovative in addressing challenges; concerned with the vitality of the larger communities of which it is a part; committed to building a just and healthy world; aspirational and optimistic about the future; and grounded in Jewish tradition. We will achieve this vision through the power of leaders working together. 

WE BELIEVE that anyone, anytime, and anywhere can be a leader. Any person, regardless of role or position, can see a challenge or an opportunity, and  inspire others to work together wisely toward a desired change. That is leadership.  

WE PROMISE that participants in our programs and events will strengthen their potential for leadership, connect more deeply with one another, find inspiration and guidance from our Jewish tradition, and rise together united by passion and purpose. Organizations will become more flexible, collaborative, and supportive of professionals and volunteers leading “from any seat at the table.”  Across our community, we will discover that which unites us, while honoring our diversity.  

WE BUILD COMMON GROUND TO BREAK NEW GROUND – enabling leadership to respond vigorously and wisely united by common purpose to the shared challenges and opportunities before us.  

Meet The People That Make Us Who We Are

Successful organizations are driven by talented people sharing a common purpose. Our professional team and lay leadership weave their various skills, diverse experiences, and wisdom together to fulfill our mission with creative excellence.

“It’s all about relationship building and connection. We are identifying young lay leaders, providing them with tools and skills to be great lay leaders at our various agencies.”

Mike Fuld, Community Leader
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