Resolution vs. Intention

As we move into 2024 and a new secular year, it’s common that everyone thinks about New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps you’ve thought of tackling something about your health this year, or setting a new fiscal goal. The problem with these resolutions is that they often are often goal based and furturistic, making them hard to achieve, you are always striving for something you may or may not succeed which makes it easy to give up.

This year, set a New Year’s Intention. An intention frames your outcome, but also gives you a road map as to how to achieve it. An intention is something you can do each time you decide to take the stairs instead of an elevator, or choose a healthy snack over a not so healthy snack. An intention can also happen multiple times a day whereas many New Years Resolutions have one start date, and failing to keep to that schedule can be defeating.

Check out these intentions from Na’aleh’s staff and create one of your own!

My intention is to appreciate every moment I have with my 90 yr old mom, to ensure she celebrates all the intergenerational happy occasions we have coming up this year, and to be sure I take care of myself in the rare moments of spare time I have so that I can continue to be there for my precious family and friends. 

Cindy Goldstein

In honor of my dear friend, Rabbi Laurie Phillips z’l, my secular New Year’s resolution will be to share/express at least one kindness every day in 2024. Laurie would do so with close friends as well as total strangers and always thought of this as her way of “paying it forward.”

Andrea Hendler

A year of living Jewishly – to celebrate Shabbat and all the holidays with friends and family.

Bill Robinson

My intention for 2024 is to create structure around time and make time for my work, family, friends and myself.

Rachel Plotkin

For 2024, my intention is to focus on deepening relationships – with family, friends, and G-d.

Aviva Cohen Gross

Throughout the last year, I began my leadership journey. In the next, I wish to continue my leadership learning by engaging further with the community I serve and the growth opportunities I have encountered.

Adam Luntz

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