The Power of AI – How Can it Help your Nonprofit?

AI is a powerful tool, and can certainly help streamline processes for non-profits, but is it too good to be true?

My colleague always takes time to write thoughtful notes to donors to our university, and I am moved by the effort she puts into it. She takes the time to learn the names of each donor, and she researches their stories to craft each note.

I remember watching her write to a long-time donor who had recently passed away. She wrote about how much his donations had meant to the university, and how his legacy would live on for generations to come …

Until those last two sentences, you were probably appreciating this essay’s personal tone and clear writing. Now you’re likely wondering why the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s copy editor didn’t catch an obvious mistake: Why was my colleague writing to someone who was dead?

Well, artificial intelligence isn’t perfect. But considering the minimal effort I put in, it isn’t bad. To create the opening for this piece, I instructed the new text-generating artificial-intelligence system ChatGPT to “write a short, touching anecdote about watching a colleague who takes time to write thoughtful notes to donors to our university.”

Read the full article here.

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