Leadership in Times of Change

We have been living in a world of continual change.  Yet, we are the inheritors of an ancient tradition.  As professional and lay leaders, how do we chart a path toward a vibrant future imbued with the wisdom of our tradition and responsive to the challenges of today? Below are resources to help anyone who wishes to lead us into that inspiring future.

Racial Justice Resources

Click above for our curated list on racial justice resources on DFI's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Toolkit.


5 Leadership Lessons from COVID-19


Success Strategies in the Age of COVID
The Insperity Guide to Business Resiliency in Challenging Time
a free download from Inc.
This e-book is designed to provide business owners and leaders with the tools to be as resilient as possible and will take readers through the process of bouncing back: rescue, recover, and rebuild.

Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future
by Woody Wade
Scenario Planning serves as a guide to taking a long-term look at your business, your industry, and the world, posing thoughtful questions about the possible consequences of some current (and possible future) trends.

The Art of the Long View: Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World
by Peter Schwartz
Peter Schwartz outlines the “scenaric” approach, giving you the tools for developing a strategic vision within your business.

What if? The Art of Scenario Thinking for NonProfits
by Diana Scearce, Katherine Fulton, and the Global Business Network community
Downloadable book outlining an approach to scenario thinking and planning for nonprofit organizations, including a definition of scenario thinking, examples of scenario thinking in practice, and stories and lessons from the field.


The LA Times
Non-profits Offer Teachable Moments for Economic Recovery

How Nonprofits and Board Members can Respond to COVID-19

NOW Association
Three Expert Tips on Pandemic Decision-Making
Inspire Your Team During Uncertainty
Leadership in Pandemic: Discomfort as a Virtue
4 Reasons to Rethink Employee Recognition in the Remote Work Era
Daily Buzz: How to Adopt a Digital First Culture 

Business Watch Network
Do You Suffer from Imposter Syndrome? You Are Not Alone
Are You Open to Opposing Viewpoint? 3 Tips for Improving Critical Thinking
Why Employees Value Appreciation Over Bonuses

Chief Executive
Secrets of Decision-Making amid Chaos
Challenging Leaders to Create Real Systemic Change

COVID-19: What Employees Need From Leadership Right Now
How Leaders Are Responding to COVID-19 Workplace Disruption

COVID-19 Teaches Us A Lot About Differences in the Disability Community

Center for Creative Leadership
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: What’s Needed During Unstable Times
How To Drive Organizational Change & Innovation in Traditional Industries
5 Ways to Lead and Adapt Through a Crisis
What Leadership Skills Will Be Needed In The Future?

The Inescapable Pressure of Being a Woman on Zoom
Sheryl Sandberg on the “double-double shift” women are working during the coronavirus

What We’re Hearing from the Field (Aug 17, 2020)
Confidence: Good or Bad?
So, What’s Your Story
Safety Respect Equity Network Focuses on Equity 
Board and Staff Leading Together Through Uncertainty
Nishma Reasearch releases First Broad Survey of the Jewish Community on the Coronavirus Pandemicrvey of the Jewish Community on the Coronavirus Pandemic
Principles for a Full Year of Love and Caring 
What We’re Hearing from the Field(6/8)
Today, Tomorrow, and the Space Between
Equitable Downsizing
Jewish Values Regarding Physical Reopening of Our Institutions
Synagogue Innovation in the Age of Corona
Dear Jewish Leader Are You Up to the Task?
Courageous Leadership Now: 
A Moment of Crisis Can Be An Opportunity for Connection
COVID-19 and Torah – Advice From the Sabbatical Year
Shift Happens – Reframing Organizational Leadership to Survive Coronavirus
Moving Beyond: Strategies for Restarting our Community

Coronavirus and Nonprofits: Resources for Responding to COVID-19

The Bridgespan Group
Eight Steps for Managing Through Tough Times

Leading Edge
Quick Tips for Virtual Onboarding

4 Critical Lessons for Anyone New to Leadership 
If You Do Any of These 3 Things, Your Leadership Skills Are Better Than Those of Most Managers
The Only Management Technique you Need Right Now
Workers Don’t Want to Return to Offices: Start Preparing Now
3 Ways to Inspire Innovation from Remote Teams

Interaction Institute for Social Change
Living and Working Virtually in Uncertainty