Embrace Diversity

We all see the world from a certain perspective, formed from experience and identity, which limits are ability to comprehend the world in its complexity and fullness.  Yet, success in today’s changing and complex world requires that we integrate a multitude of perspectives to design innovative solutions and build a more just world.  To do this, we must nurture our curiosity about others, raise up their voices and leadership, and build inclusive and equitable organizations.  This begins by understanding ourselves and the implicit biases we all carry with us.

Implicit Bias

Steps to Embracing Diversity

01. Know Yourself

Leadership begins with understanding yourself, but how do we do this?  Here are sixteen tips for deepening your own self-awareness in ways that will propel your leadership.

02. Nurture Curiosity

Learning about others and their unique perspectives begins with being curious, but how can we re-ignite the spark of curiosity as adults?  Here are seven steps to awakening your curiosity.

03. Be an Ally

Building diverse teams and networks begins by creating space for others and supporting their leadership.  Listen to Melinda Epler as she shares three important ways you can do this for women in your organization.


04. Contribute Your Diversity

Feeling on the margin or that your unique voice is not being heard?  Here’s two resources for women and those of color to empower your leadership.

05. Building Inclusive and Equitable Organizations

As leaders of organizations, how do we build organizations that embrace diversity?  Here is a general guide to some of the things you should consider. 

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