Mazel Tov to 2024’s Neely Tal Snyder Community Impact Award Winner, Martha Goodman, Coordinator of Disability Resources at the Macks Jewish Connection Network

This award honors the memory of Neely Tal Snyder by recognizing a professional with strong commitment and passion for Jewish community. The winner of this award demonstrates creativity, openness and inclusion and helps to build immersive and hands-on experiences/programs that have community impact.

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Neely Snyder was a committed and passionate Jewish professional; she was able to connect, engage and inspire all who knew her and worked with her. Neely had a particular ability to create experiences, oftentimes immersive and hands-on, that helped build connections to self and to the larger community. She had a commitment to inclusion and openness that helped to define the community she wished to create. She was a risk-taker and launched new programs and ideas that bent the arc of the Jewish community toward justice, integrity and authenticity. Recipients of the Neely Tal Snyder Community Impact Award have been involved with programs/projects that speak to this advancement of the Jewish community and have demonstrated their ability to impact the community, either as an individual or through the specific program. Programs/projects that the nominee has worked on can demonstrate a new modality for the community in terms of service delivery, can serve an unmet need, can have a demonstrated level of impact or can continue to push the Jewish community toward openness and inclusion. Nominees should also share some of the attributes that Neely represented in her life and her profession.

Past Award Winners

Rachel Siegal

The Pearlstone Center, 2016

Molly Amster

Jews United for Justice, 2017

Sara Rubinstein

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, 2018

Ashley Pressman

Jewish Volunteer Connection, 2019

Lisa Bodziner

Towson Hillel, 2021

Rachel Turniansky

Macks Center for Jewish Education, 2022

Sara Shalva

Jewish Community Center, 2023