Finding your Voice AND Rewiring your Time

NEXT D’OR – A Series for Early Career Professionals

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This series is open to all early career and young professionals working in Jewish organizations in the greater Baltimore area.
Facilitator: Faun Zarge, MA, high-energy speaker, trainer and coach
Faun Zarge is an employee burnout and resilience expert and known for her interactive programs and concrete strategies that can be put into practice immediately. Faun believes that learning to navigate personal and professional challenges is critical for organizational and individual effectiveness and she loves giving people the tools to make that happen. Faun works with clients in both the private and nonprofit sectors and has been quoted in numerous media outlets. Learn more at

Session I: January 19
Supercharge Your Communication: Finding Your Voice and Managing Up

Communicating well and knowing how to “manage up” matters; what you say and how you say it impacts how people view you and your ability to be effective at work. Fortunately, everyone is capable of strengthening their voice, and in the process, learning how to successfully navigate relationships with their manager and other senior leaders.
In this interactive session packed with practical tools you can use immediately, you will learn:
• Common roadblocks to assertiveness and how to push past them to find your voice
• How to disagree without being disagreeable
• How to develop trusting relationships as the foundation of managing up

Session II: February 16
Rewiring Time Management: Change How You Think about Prioritizing, Setting Boundaries, and Managing Your Day

If you find yourself frequently overwhelmed by feelings of inadequate time, the stress alone can derail your productivity and compromise your wellbeing. However, the good news is that there are [learn] concrete strategies that will help you better understand and utilize your work rhythms, gain clarity on your priorities, and organize how to use your day most efficiently.
Learn practical strategies such as:
• A straightforward prioritizing model for managing professional and work/life goals
• How to utilize time-blocking to ensure time for planning, strategic thinking, and deliverables
• Concrete strategies for setting boundaries while preserving important relationships

Session III – March 15
Learn together and from each other – Conversations between Senior Managers and Early Career Professionals

Senior level managers and early career professionals will be invited to be in conversation with one another. There will be a panel to answer questions and breakout conversation to explore issues that arise on a deeper level. Different perspectives will be shared on a multitude of issues including managing up, managing priorities, and creating a supportive culture. Questions that arise in sessions I and II will be addressed in this session.

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