Intensive Fellowships

Friedman Fellowship

Are you a new professional in the Baltimore Jewish community? Or have you recently hired a new professional? The Friedman Fellowship offers opportunities to new professionals to expand their professional leadership skills, increase their Jewish knowledge, benefit from coaching, and learn from and collaborate with their peers.

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ACHARAI Fellows Program

In the ACHARAI Fellows Program, we accompany leaders on their journeys and support them to reach their greatest potential. Our acclaimed programs bring our community’s top Jewish leaders together with experts in Jewish thought, noted scholars, and certified leadership coaches. At Na’aleh, all our programs have one goal: to inspire effective leaders who will transform Jewish organizations.

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KOLOT (Women’s Voices) is a peer cohort to support the advancement of mid-career women working in the greater Baltimore Jewish community. On an individual level, and in support of the mission of Na’aleh, KOLOT encourages leaders to be reflective practitioners, to strengthen their core virtues, learn from experimenting and nurture collaboration.
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Build your Leadership Capacity. Elevate Yourself and Others
Elevate your leadership and transform the way you supervise individuals and teams. Join your colleagues for an innovative, immersive and collaborative experience focused on adaptive leadership techniques, supervisory and communication skills, and hands-on learning. Learn from thought leaders in the nonprofit and for-profit world. Network and learn with a diverse cohort of supervisors who work in Jewish organizations in Greater Baltimore. Through a blended learning approach (eLearning, virtual learning and in-person), you will elevate your leadership capacity and increase your leadership and Jewish leadership literacy.
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ACCELERATE your leadership journey. Join us for an innovative and collaborative leadership journey focused on adaptive leadership techniques, hands-on learning, immersive experiences, and access to thought leaders in the nonprofit and for-profit worlds. Network, learn, and discover with a diverse cohort of new leaders of all ages in the Greater Baltimore Jewish community.  You will explore your leadership capacity, delve into Jewish thought and tradition, increase your leadership literacy, and discover who you want to become as a leader.

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