Our 2021-2022 Cohort Members:

  • Allison Kehne
  • Darrell Braman
  • Chana Dena Pollak
  • Elizabeth Testa Getzoff
  • Eric Kass
  • Jennifer Berman
  • Jeremy Lasson
  • Jessica Krasnick
  • Justin Fair
  • Kat Giannini
  • Kimberly Wynn
  • Marc Wernick
  • Marla Friedman
  • Micah Damareck
  • Mike Sapperstein
  • Neal Shaivitz
  • Sean Johnson
  • Theodore Casser

The 8-session class, held once a month from October 2021-May 2022 will be comprised of diverse leaders in the Baltimore Jewish community who:

1. Are all ages

2. Are new lay leaders in a synagogue, school, agency, or organization

3. Are open minded, curious and growth-oriented

4. Embrace challenges, diversity, and difficult conversations

5. Look for opportunities to become more self-aware and deepen their knowledge of what it means to be a leader today

6. Are committed to building a greater Jewish community

You will gain:

• A deeper self-awareness of who you are and how you show up as a leader

• Networking opportunities within your cohort and the Greater Baltimore Jewish community

• Access to high level thought leaders

• Confidence in your ability to lead through a Jewish lens

• Mentorship

• Tools to bolster your leadership competencies

• A personal leadership vision