ACHARAI Fellows Program

The goal of the ACHARAI Fellows Program is to empower Jewish leaders to be more informed, thoughtful and effective leaders of their Jewish organizations and community by developing leadership competencies through a Jewish lens.

We hope that our Fellows will lead Baltimore Jewish organizations that play a critical role in a thriving community and develop a clear, shared vision of what success looks like for each one.

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ACHARAI Fellows Program Desired Outcomes

1. Confident leaders who can share their struggles, illuminate strengths, and embrace vulnerabilities.

2. Proud members of a kehila kedosha – a sacred community of diverse peers to connect, forge bonds, and learn from one another.

3. Understanding of personal values, aspirations, beliefs, and fears that drive behavior and how they inform leadership style.

4. Self-awareness and social awareness to sensitively address interpersonal and group dynamics.

5. Increased knowledge/comfort with Jewish literacy, text learning, and ability to deliver a D’var Torah.

6. Deep knowledge of the Baltimore Jewish community and its history, and respect the diversity and richness of that community.

7. Insight to articulate his/her Jewish story through exploration of their future as a Jewish leader and potential to be a change agent.