Our 2021-2022 Cohort Members:

  • Jaime Aaron, Beth Am Synagogue
  • Brittni Barcase, Jewish Community Services
  • Ellie Batkhan, JCC of Greater Baltimore
  • Melissa Halpern Brill, Chizuk Amuno Congregation
  • Emily Braverman Goodman, Baltimore Jewish Council
  • Abigail Malischostak, Jewish Volunteer Connection
  • Jillian Manko, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation
  • Rachel Plotkin, Center for Jewish Education
  • Adi Ratzon, Baltimore Zionist District
  • Julie Wohl, Center for Jewish Education
  • Janna Zuckerman Hindman, The Associated

As a part of KOLOT you will:

• Explore common challenges specific to women in managerial/ senior roles. Including, those who must manage up, manage down or both. We will discuss the complexities of these challenges and as a group develop solutions.

• Connect with your peers at a similar stage of their career. This not only provides networking opportunities across organizations, but you will also form meaningful personal and professional connections.

• Invest time into yourself to develop both personally and professionally.

The focus will be on:

1. Self-identity and challenges

2. Relationships with others

3. Identifying growth opportunities and setting goals

We will Achieve this by:

• Identifying your personal core values

• Recognizing any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

• Acknowledging your empowering beliefs

• Recognizing how these things impact your interactions and choices.