Tools for Working Virtually

As we navigate these difficult times, we must take the time to nourish our souls and bodies.  Below are resources to help you maintain your well-being and even grow as a person.

Gatherings, Podcasts & Webinars

JPRO Online
Task Management with Less Stress with Diana Bloom
A 3-part series over Zoom: Tuesdays, June 16, 30, and July 14 | 12-1:30pm. Click link for pricing and to register.
More Gelt (No Guilt!) with Sean Hale
Tuesdays, July 7, July 21, August 4 and August 18
This is a 7-week consultancy; on the weeks that the group does not meet, each participant will have a one-on-one consultation with Sean.

Business Watch Network
Coaching for Managers & Supervisors
July 30, 1:00pm (fee)

Impact Coaching
Back to Work Bootcamp

Center for Creative Leadership
Harness the Power of Virtual Training (On Demand. 30 minutes)
Virtual Teamwork: How to Make It Work for Your Organization (On Demand. 1 hour)

Virtual Pizazz for Teachers and Facilitators (The Ringel Group – Rae Ringel)
Presence and Mindset
Designing for Success
Tools for Engagement: Zoom Chat
Tools For Engagement: Webcams
Disruptive Behavior

Focal Point Productions – Marty Jenoff
Tips for Getting the Best Camera and Audio Results Using Video Conferencing Apps 


Business Watch Network
5 Tips for Creating Boundaries While Working from Home
5 Ways Good Leaders Can Digitally Disrupt
Return to Work Challenges

Dan Pink
Daily Planner (downloadable tool)

Yale Medicine
8 Tips for Working from Home with Kids During Covid-19

Running an Effective Virtual Meeting
Questioning Techniques Video

5 Ways Science Shows Us How To Work Better Virtually
The Impact of the Coronavirus on HR and the New Normal of Work

Harvard Business Review
How To Network When There are no Networking Events
5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Value- Remotely
5 Steps to Stay Focused When Teaching Online
How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings
15 Questions about Remote Work Answered  

How to Best Take Advantage of Any Extra Time
Bestselling Author Nir Eyal: How to Eliminate Distractions
For the Most Productive Workday, Science Says Make Sure to Do This
Jim Kwik’s 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Brain
Why Remote Work Beats Working in an Office
New to Running a Remote Team? Top Advice for Founders
1 Email Every Remote Leader Should Send Each Week
3 Rules to Uphold When Managing a Remote Team
5 Ways to Get Focused When You’re Working From Home (Even During a Pandemic)
LinkedIn’s CEO Just Shared the Best Work at Home Advise You’ll Read Today

Emerald Works
8 Top Tips to Work Well From Home

The Muse
4 Ways to Prove Your Productivity When Working From Home
17 Tech Tips and Tricks to Make Working From Home More Productive (and Fun)

Spiritualizing Job Loss
Taking Your Zoom Programs to the Next Level
10 Critical Insights for Successful Online Gatherings
Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events 

NOW Associations
How to Look Your Best
Three Strategies for Building Remote Work Rituals

The Management Center
5 tips for Managing remotely During COVID-19

Priya Parker
The Art of Gathering

The New York Times
How To Succeed in your Office When there is no Office
Why Zoom Is Terrible
How to Politely Decline a Call During Quarantine

How to Prevent Zoombombing?

Featured Resource

We Need Great Leadership Now, and Here’s What It Looks Like - NY Times