The 10 Best Leadership Podcasts to Make You a Better Leader

Looking for some leadership inspiration and can’t make it to one of our workshops? Boost your leadership momentum with one of the podcasts on this list. (from Hubspot)

  1. CEO School – If you’re a leader who is also taking on entrepreneurship, you’ll enjoy this podcast.
  2. HBR’s IdeaCast – Each week, HBR’s IdeaCast tackles one facet of leadership in 30 minutes or less. With over 600 episodes, this longstanding podcast has covered just about everything you might want to know about being a better leader.
  3. Let’s Take This Offline: The Podcast for Everyday Leaders – “Let’s Take This Offline” breaks down unpopular topics within the leadership space, such as doubt, vulnerability, and shame. Consider this a safe space for leaders who don’t feel like they have it all together and want reassurance that it’s OK.
  4. How Leaders Lead – an interview-style podcast that gives you access to top leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and more.
  5. Coaching with Leaders – With each episode averaging around 30 minutes, Coaching for Leaders is a short and sweet podcast on all things leadership, from giving feedback and managing difficult stakeholders to fostering inclusivity and improving communication.
  6. The Unburdened Leader – With a background in family therapy, Ching has built her career around helping leaders navigate through the complex emotions and events associated with this path. In each episode, she leans on experts in various fields to discuss leadership through the lens of mental health.
  7. Coaching for Latina Leaders – What’s great about this pod is that it looks at leaders from a holistic perspective, helping them see how their personal lives impact their work lives.
  8. Coaching Real Leaders – Every episode starts with one question and one leader’s challenge to frame the episode. In one hour or less, Wilkins uses her background in coaching to help her audience navigate everyday challenges.
  9. Dare to Lead – In 2018, author Brene Brown wrote the New York Times Best Selling book Dare to Lead which serves as the basis for this Spotify Original podcast.
  10. Self Control and Cheese – Hosts Bridget and Sara, two young leaders working at fast-growing tech companies, talk about everything from securing that promotion to navigating difficult conversations with your direct report. If you work in tech (or plan to), this is the podcast to hear about what it’s really like and how to move within this space.

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